Episode 11: 1980, American Timelines, (Season 02, Episode 01)

American Timelines Season 2: The 80's

Season 2 is here! We discuss the 1980’s. Things were so crazy and weird then. This first episode, we discuss the Sunset Strip Killers, Freddie Mercury writing songs in the bathtub, Ben Vereen and Jeff Goldblum as buddy cops, Harley Race vs. Bob Backlund and much much more! American Timelines is a podcast by Joe and Amy. This week: Season 2, Episode 1: 1980

Credits Include:  Popculture.us, Wikipedia & Youtube.  Information may not be accurate, as it is produced by idiots.
Music by MATT TRUMAN EGO TRIP, the greatest American Band. Click Here to buy their album, Smoke Machine!

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