Episode 23: 1987 Part 2-American Timelines- (Season 02, Episode 13)

American Timelines Season 2: The 80's

The 23rd episode: Part 2 of 1987, when Michael Jackson was BAD, Matthew Broderick killed people, Baby Jessica was saved, and the Gulf Breeze UFO incident definitely happened! We talk Dirty Dancing, Whitesnake; Amy drops ALL of her baseball knowledge and MUCH MORE!! Amy and Joe discuss Timelines in American Pop Culture and True Crime Year by Year. This week: Season 2, Episode 13: 1987, part 2.

Credits Include:  Popculture.us, Wikipedia, IMDB, The Gulf Breeze Sightings by Ed Walters & Frances Walters, WWE Network & Youtube.  Information may not be accurate, as it is produced by idiots.
Music by MATT TRUMAN EGO TRIP, the greatest American Band. Click Here to buy their albums!

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