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History for Jerks are Joe and Amy.  Joe and Amy produce a podcast called American Timelines.  American Timelines is a podcast about true crime, strange stories and popular culture.  Joe and Amy have been married since 2002, and they both love podcasts, albeit different types.  They decided to merge their favorite types of podcasts to form one.  Amy likes true crime, Joe likes comedy.  Together, they form American Timelines.  Instead of staring at the boob tube, once a week, they sit down together for a couple hours to record a podcast together.  They do it for fun, and if you like it, that’s a cool bonus.

You can listen to American Timelines lots of places, including the following platforms:

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American Timelines is part of the Queen City Podcast Network, and we’re excited about that!  We have joined forces with other Charlotte based podcasts to help each other out!

If you want to contact us, here are our email addresses:  Amy & Joe.